Barcelona, Spain | Lighting Designer

The company was founded back in 1943, but we have known Marset as a brand of first-class lighting since 1965 when it was decided to switch from metal casting to designer interior items. Today Marset is not only a manufacturer of chandeliers and lighting but also an innovator in its field. Marset works with light in a really scientific way: not only solving specific problems but also creating harmonious light zones that have a beneficial effect on the well-being of the inhabitants of the room. No wonder the company assures that Marset is more than lamps. Under this brand, smart lamps are being developed – functional and aesthetic at the same time. Here they respond to trends, expand the technical capabilities of lighting devices, and look for new forms. Designer chandeliers undoubtedly deserve special attention. They fit perfectly into modern interiors. The Discocó model deserves special mention, consisting of varnished white discs and providing a mysterious play of light in the room


the Collection

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