Finland| Wood Design Studio

Nikari is a Finnish wooden furniture manufacturer founded in 1967 and specialized in high-quality furniture in compliance with the principles of sustainable development. The Nikari company was founded by Kari Virtanen, the only Finnish who was awarded the Pro Finlandia medal, and today the company is run by a younger generation of entrepreneurs. Nikari’s studio-laboratory is located in the Finnish artisan’s town of Fiskars and its products are made using certified wood, mostly of local origin. Nikari focuses on sustainability and quality in both its designs and production techniques. Nikari’s wooden furniture respects the Finnish traditions of woodworking and natural materials with a fresh touch of modern techniques and designs. Skilled carpenters participate in the selection of timber and over the decades Nikari has collected a wide assortment of raw materials. Electricity for the Nikari laboratory is produced using renewable energy from a local hydroelectric plant.

the Collection

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