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Bitossi Home creates statement pieces that contribute to a complete and coordinated table setting, focusing heavily on artistic shapes, harmonious colors, a touch of simplicity as well as elegance, and good taste.


Part of the Bitossi Diffusione brand, Bitossi Ceramiche creates unique, handmade pieces in collaboration with important designers such as Ettore Sottsass, Aldo Londi, Marco Zanini, Karim Rashid and others

Ivano Redaelli

Ivano Redaelli textile collection is made from natural materials in natural shades with combination of luxurious materials such as cashmere, fur, silk, fine wool and crafted in the ancient traditions of Italian craftsmen

Ivano Redaelli FURNITURE

Ivano Redaelli's high-end furniture collection focuses on functionality, natural materials, and artisanship. The attention to detail and the perfect combination of colors and materials give the idea of timeless luxury

De La espada

In collaboration with famous designers like Luca Nichetto, Jason Miller, Matthew Hilton, Neri Hu, Studioilse e Autoban De La Espada creates some of the highest quality, contemporary designs you'll find. The collection is suitable for home, commercial, hospitality, or office use


Influenced by a Scandinavian sense of minimalism, Friends & Founders create perfectly crafted furniture and lighting that is designed to last, supporting your way of living. Celebrating individuality, this Danish brand believes that we should always make room for personality.

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